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July 11, 2009 - 10:23 pm Comments Off on Arrival

First highlight was the rush of the water underneath our bodies as the Shauna 7 sped across the choppy waters between Sint Maarten and Blowing Point Anguilla. Our bodies actually hung in the air when it hit the large waves head on. Puts an actual roller coaster to shame!

“Sorry! Forgot to mention it’s a little bumpy today.”

Ocean dip as the sun went down on our secluded beach.

Random fact: Vlade Divac is staying right next door (“Morning!”). He is a giant. Now that he’s retired tho he’s gotten a little gut.

Dinner at Straw Hat in our Frangipani resort.

Super fresh super meaty local red snapper sauteed with julienned onions, red and green peppers, and chunks of tart local tomatoes. Beautiful silky seafood sauce. Anguillian rice and pigeon peas. Definitely can taste the Creole influence.

Jordan had a Brazilian seafood stew infused with cocunut milk. Stuffed platter with Anguillian lobster, snapper, prawns, and crawfish.

Oh and a Puerto Rican Restaurant show was being filmed at the next table!

Long walk in the near dark with Jordan along the beach. Clearest night sky we’ve seen in ages. Jordan was so proud I found the North Star. “Wow you actually found it. Goid job, Jeanne”

What a day… Droopy eyes… Must be the warm breeze…

My Korea – Insadong and Adoptee Conference

April 6, 2009 - 2:30 pm Comments Off on My Korea – Insadong and Adoptee Conference

Mingle among glass curtained shops with delicate celadon pottery and calligraphy brushes.
Skinny, happy, unhappy young ladies.
The comic toy book store on the 2nd floor couldn’t hide from me!
Kitschy postcards say “Have fun in Seoul!” while a Korean Ultraman battles a pseudo-Godzilla rampage in the background.

Bubbling hot pot brims with gochu slices swimming violently up a river of blue crab, sukat, spring onions, tofu, and slippery fat noodles.
Laura is amazed we found the place.

I hear the rustle of rainbow hanboks and see wind-swollen pillows of embroidered silk flower out and fall from the sash tied under their breasts.
A tinny crash counters the bellow of an hourglass shaped hand drum.

Pahn-ppahn, Bah-rum-pa-ra-bahm
Pahn-ppahn, Bah-rum-pa-ra-bahm

Like a child I memorize the cadence while clutching Laura’s satin sleeve.
In a ballroom filled with glistening Korean eyes from Denmark, Chicago, Georgia, Hawaii, Minnesota, Sweden;

it was I who felt like I had come home.


Photos of the trip coming soon…


My Korea

April 2, 2009 - 4:17 am Comments Off on My Korea

Anyoung hashimnika echoes softly around me.

Rumbles under my swollen feet remind me I’m on a plane to Seoul.

I struggle to replace my Mom’s colloquial slang with proper hangul in my head.



March 31, 2009 - 6:43 pm Comments Off on Creature

A creature cradles
sizzling embers
it is standing in

Crispy slippery flesh, blood burnt
nails, bone hair, earth, glass
rocks pool into and over

A mouth eager and willing
chews slowly. The corners
of its grin melting with melting
greasy dollops that slide slowly

back down below.


March 31, 2009 - 3:08 am Comments Off on Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of a death, but the air is moist with upturned earth.

Dried blood itches underneath her perfumed throat and loose collar before a day

Memories are eaten by another more hungry than she is able to feed.