Day 5

July 16, 2009 - 4:48 pm Comments Off on Day 5

Oooooohhh that sun burn sure does sting! The middle of my back (yeah the place that you can’t get to with the sunblock) is a nice rosy red. The funny part is that everyone of our crew on the snorkeling trip yesterday was more worried about Jordan’s back so I extra-slathered him with the stuff. Should have done myself!

Anyway, I’d choose looking like a wild jungle native versus like a pallid Chicagoan any day.

This morning, it was Geraud’s again (we stopped there on the way from snorkeling yesterday too – wonderful cheesy buttery mini-quiche), for a luscious sausage link-fried egg-cheddar muffin sandwich and the Breakfast BLT – crispy thick bacon, tomato, lettuce, and fried egg on homemade whole wheat. Oh yeah, and a pain du chocolate to split.

Every morning should begin this glorious.

Today after finding out from our new friends, Phuong and Steve who we met on the snorkeling trip, we decided to join them for lunch at Scilly Cay – mini island off the coast that has just 1 thing on it, the rest being beach. It’s a famous restaurant specializing in grilled Anguillian lobster, crayfish, chicken and ribs! Phuong told us she’d been dreaming about the lobster with the Thai peanut sauce for 9 years (her first trip to Anguilla).

And boy, are we glad we did it! Not only was the lobster and especially the crayfish incredible, we really hit it off with Phuong and Steve “Rum Punch” Fuller.

Boy, those Rum Punches really kicked your butt (as Steve found out). They were even too much for me!

We just chatted in the water with our new friends for hours. We took silly pictures and enjoyed the “character” owner of the place whose schtick is to hit on every woman who comes to the island. We found he’s famous for it. But really a nice guy.

“Just lunch” turned out to pretty much the whole day as we’ve come to expect on Anguilla time. We ended leaving the island around 4 and we decided to meet up later with Phuong and Steve at the Pump House – one of the well known bars for music that night.

When we finally got back to Frangi, showered, and dressed, Jordan was passed out with his Shadowrun manual on the bed. ? And I curled up with my new book “Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids” (highly recommend by the way!).

We should have been too full to think about dinner, but who could forego dinner in Anguilla? We decided to do Smokey’s BBQ for the second time since we just could not get enough of that jerk sauce. Said hi to Clyde of course and got our fix. Felt better that dinner wasn’t super expensive too as we were getting used to spending over a hundred bucks every time we said down for a meal!

Met up with our doppelganger friends and had drinks at the Pump Room and Elvis’ Beach Bar (more on this place later). The local scene was very cool but chill so after becoming “friends” with a very very drunk but harmless old dude with dreads wondering if we had any weed, we decided that we had had a looong day. And poor Steve had had waaaaay to many rum punches to begin with.

Love today.

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